Antibiotics for BV

Antibiotics for BV – How Effective Are They?

There are a number of problems that can affect the female body. Over three million women in the United States will experience symptoms related to bacterial vaginosis. This is a problem that can be solved in a short time and can be treated by a doctor.

However, you don’t have to see a professional to get help with this. You can work without antibiotics and solutions that are over the counter or even at home. The remedies can change the pH balance of the problem and help change things for the better. Treating vaginosis is not complex, but you should know the symptoms before applying anything to the problem.

Focusing on bacterial vaginosis and the symptoms

The thing you need to know about the problem is that the symptoms don’t always come through at the same time. Some women will only experience one or two problems rather than a large number of issues. The main problems come with simple elements that can be mistaken for other problems. If there is bacterial overgrowth or pH balance shift, vaginosis is key. This problem can occur as vaginal discharge, redness, itching, foul smell, and abnormal bleeding. If you leave them alone, nothing will change. The risk factors for repetitions and changes can increase with frequent douching, unprotected sex and hormonal shifts.

Treatment of bacterial vaginosis without antibiotics

To deal with this problem, you first need to understand that there are a few things that need to occur. You need to reduce the bad bacteria and that can be done without antibiotics. It just requires that you know what you are dealing with. If you have the above symptoms, start working with the following items.

Yogurt and probiotics

The first thing you can do is start taking probiotic supplements, or eat yogurt. This is something that will help you gain the upper hand against this problem. Yogurt and probiotics add elements to the body systems that help the vagina to sweep. The vagina will reverse pH balance and help change the overall elements of the problem, and will heal it from the inside out.

BV kits

You can visit a pharmacy and have a look at the women’s hygiene department. There are options you can use for the specific problem of changing pH balances. These are available as BV kits or as advanced n.a. featured. This will help change the bacteria and will help reverse the problem and help change things appropriately.

Bake soda baths

Another solution that can be used is that of baking soda baths. Running a warm bath and adding a cup of baking soda to the water can help add the right elements to help return pH balance to the vagina. This may take a few tries, but it will help over time. It’s a simple solution to work with and something worth exploring on a deeper level. This is one of the best ways to reverse bacterial problems in the vagina.