Depression during pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the happiest phase in some women’s lives, but for some women it’s a phase of fear and anxiety. Typically, twenty percent of women experience common but normal symptoms of depression during pregnancy.

Depression in pregnancy

But some women experience severe depression during pregnancy. Depression is a mood disorder that affects almost every woman in her life. So it is not a matter of surprise if a pregnant woman suffers from this disease. But the main problem is that women don’t go to the doctors during pregnancy for depression treatment. It is a danger sign for the baby and the mother. Because they see it as part of other hormonal changes that occur in them during pregnancy. Depression during pregnancy is also known as antepartal depression. It is a mood disorder that is like clinical depression. Pregnant women suffering from depression may experience the following symptoms:

  • Less sleep or sometime more sleep than usual.
  • Sudden change in eating habits
  • Thoughts of suicide.
  • Lack of concentration or difficulty concentrating.
  • The cause of depression in pregnant women

Women are as follows:

  • Relationship Problems
  • Fertility treatment
  • Family history of depression
  • Complications in pregnancy

If depression is left untreated, it can cause problems for both the mother and the baby. Because of depression, a pregnant woman can indulge in smoking, drinking, etc. Depression can cause poor nutrition for both the baby and mother, which can lead to premature birth of the baby.

Facing Depression During Pregnancy

The newborn baby may be under weight due to poor nutrition. Pregnant women suffering from depression must therefore be treated as soon as possible. She needs to see a doctor for treatment. The doctor may suggest one of the following treatments, depending on the condition of the women.

  • light therapy
  • Medication
  • Support group
  • psychotherapy

If depression is severe in women, drug treatment is preferred. Only the medicines that have minimal side effects are prescribed, otherwise it can cause complications during pregnancy and childbirth. If you are unable to discuss your problem openly with the doctor, you can choose any other person who is aware of your situation and is interested in helping you.