Use an ice machine to heal knee injuries

Use an ice machine to heal knee injuries

Using an ice machine can be a blessing for patients recovering from knee surgery. You can find more information on this topic here.

Cold therapy (ice therapy) is often used to heal orthopedic trauma, including on the knee joints. Thanks to medical advances, patients can now use a machine for cold therapy instead of uncomfortable ice packs. An ice machine for knee joints helps patients administer consistent cold therapy for their quick recovery.

Ice machine for knee joints – how does it help?

An ice machine for knees helps to provide cold therapy to the joint in the optimal way. It reduces swelling or inflammation by temporarily stopping nerve communication and blood flow to the site. As the swelling continues to decrease, the resulting pain also begins to decrease.

Ice packs are traditionally used to deal with orthopedic pain. Ice packs or frozen vegetable bags can drip water over the surgical wounds and increase the risk of patients getting postoperative infections. Ice packs also do not provide constant freezing temperatures over the injuries necessary for the healing process through cold therapy.

Ice machines have no such drawbacks or limitations. Ice machines or cold therapy devices are designed to deliver freezing temperatures over injuries or surgical wounds in the most consistent way. It is also the safest way to deliver cryotherapy to surgical wounds. The use of a machine is also convenient for the administration of cold therapy over long periods of time. It helps patients to continue using cryotherapy and not to leave halfway because it was too uncomfortable to administer.

How to use Ice machine for knee joints

An ice machine for knee joints works just like any cold therapy unit. The former is specifically designed for the knee joint. Some companies like IsoComforter have developed machines with special healing pads that can be used ideally on the knee joint. The healing pads in these machines can be wrapped around the knee joint to provide cold therapy from all sides, not just the top. These healing pads also contain ribs for optimal delivery of cold therapy to the knee joint.

To use an ice machine for knees, you first need to fill the tank with ice and water. Then you can wrap the healing pad around your knees. When you switch on the machine, the water begins to flow from the tank to the healing pad via a connecting pipe. The self-priming pumps of the IsoComforter machines make the use of the ice machines even easier. You don’t have to wave around with mechanical controls to use an ice cream maker. The use of the patented Iso tube technology in IsoComforter machines enables the most efficient cold therapy possible.

You need to use the ice maker for 15-20 minutes at a time (2-3 times a day) or as recommended by your doctor.